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The Loudness War

The Loudness War (is over)

The loudness war is a term to discribe when one musician tries to make their song’s initial starting volume louder than another musician. They think loudness makes them better, lol. DJs don’t care about the loudness war because they have channel volume controls to adjust each song’s volume. Sometimes loudness just happens naturally because musicians record using different intruments and sounds and techniques while recording. Thus different songs have different volumes.

iPod Shuffle Volume (the fix)

When you use shuffle on an ipod some songs are too loud and others are too soft.

Here is how to make the songs on your ipod play at about the same volume.

1. Plug in your iPod / start itunes and go to a play list.
2. Right click on a song and choose “get info”.
3. From the tabs choose “options”.
4. There is a “volume adjustment” slider. Move it up or down.
5. Sync your iPod.

Now you know how to control each song’s volume.
Educate others about it.

The loudness war is over.


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